Photo Gallery

Here are some images of people, places and things that are now or have been part of the Earle research group.

To find out more, please contact Keith A. Earle at (518) 442-4521 or email kearle at albany dot edu.

Picture of Keith Earle relaxing with Slicther's Principles
				of Magnetic Resonance

This picture shows group leader Keith Earle in his office enjoying some quality time with Slichter's "Principles of Magnetic Resonance". [Photographer: Kathy Earle]

Simultaneous multi-frequency fits of 2mM VO acac with toluene

Simultaneous multi-frequency fits of 2mM VO acac with toluene. The spectra were analyzed using methods of Bayesian analysis developed in the Earle group. [Data analyzed by: Indra Sah]

Two dimensional projection of the log likelihood function

This figure shows a representation of the Log likelihood function as a two-dimensional slice through the parameter space explored by the multifrequency fit performed in the figure shown above. The log-likelihood function is returned by the nested sampling algrorithm of Skilling as modified for use in the EPR spectral lineshape fitting problem by members of the Earle research group. [Data analyzed by Indra Sahu]

240 GHz EPR spectrum of MTSL-labeled RNA at 295 K

This spectrum shows a 240 GHz spectrum of 100uM MTSL-labeled RNA in a water/glycerol mixture. This is an initial result demonstrating the feasibility of using high-field EPR to study spin-labeled RNA. [Sample provided by the Scholes research group. Data collected by Dmitriy Tipikin at ACERT]

Layout of a Hamiltonian GUI for one uncoupled spin

This figure shows work in progress on a Hamiltonian GUI via the vision graphical tool of the Molecular Graphics Lab at the Scripps Research Institute. The user may choose quantum numbers for the desired superoperator matrix element. The network computes the relevant matrix elelment and displays it in an interactive Python shell. [vision network developed by Keith Earle]