Documentation for Earle Group Projects

The documentation provided here is intended as a set of 'snapshots' of work in progress.

Bagpipe Tunes! (The sound and the fury)

Here is a selection of tunes that I've written for the bagpipe, including a letter to the editor of the Piping Times which published one of my first tunes, the pipe jig Calum Carmichael in honor of my first bagpipe teacher. (Notes for non-piping musicians: The bagpipe is not a transposing instrument, so accidentals are not usually indicated. If you have conventional training in musical notation, you should sharp f and c everywhere they occur. The pitch of the pipes is between a half and a whole step higher than written, referenced to a' = 440 Hz.)

Here are some playbacks of some pipe tunes I wrote to commemorate a successful faculty search in the Physics department at the University at Albany